Coast to Coast Portuguese Water Dogs

Hello my name is Cathy Hamilton. My first Childhood pet was a  Portuguese Water Dog named Friday. I loved that dog!

Several years ago I decided that it was time to get another dog. I have had many dogs over the years including Spaniels, Labs and Retrievers but had not yet found another Portuguese Water Dog. 

One day while sitting at my desk at work A co-worker walked in with a therapy dog. As soon as I layed eyes on this wonderful curly black dog, it was clear that I had found a Portuguese Water Dog!! 

I was determined to get one.
 After some serious discussions with my husband Gary,  we began our search. During our search Gary fell in love too. After we got our first Portuguese Water Dog, Maui, and became a part of the Confirmation and Show community, we discovered that we didn't just love these dogs we wanted to be a part of thier history so we got our second Portuguese Water Dog, Tikki. 

We decided to become  breeders to help insure the the breed remains healthy and strong. 

Our kennel name comes from the days when we would travel from California to Rhode Island with our family to compete in shows.